Nowadays implantation is one of most progressive ways of treatment. More and more people prefer implantation. We use only the products and solutions provided by Nobel Biocare more than for 10 years.. Company is the founder of implants and has been developing the modern implants for more than 55 years.

Here are the reasons that cause the privileges of implantation:


Deliver a natural-looking esthetic result

Soft tissue volume is key to an esthetic result. The built-in platform-shifting feature provides a small ridge on which soft tissue can develop. This increases soft tissue volume and ensures a natural-looking result.


Simplify the treatment with a straightforward surgical protocol

The surgery kit has a step-by-step drilling protocol and consistently color-coded components. This simplifies site preparation and ensures a predictable outcome.


Place implants safely in areas with limited space

We designed the NobelActive 3.0 specifically for narrow space situations where conventional implants previously could not be placed like, for example, the lower incisors.


Predictable osseointegration with minimal failure rates

The TiUnite implant surface was first introduced on the Brånemark System in 2000. This shift from machined to TiUnite surface resulted in a clear decrease in early failures, especially in areas with poor bone density.



Lifetime warranty

Nobel Biocare all implants are covered by a lifetime product warranty.


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