Dental Therapy

It happens that only the toothache makes a person to consult the dentist. It is not necessary to wait until you have a toothache to remind you to visit the doctor’s. The experienced doctor identifies the very start of dental caries or other disease before the tooth starts aching and the decay notable. In this case the healing is much simpler and rather quick.

Maybe your teeth are healthy, but the old fillings make the color of your teeth different? Maybe there are spaces between your teeth? Maybe you want your teeth to have a better shape?

Aesthetic restoration can solve all these problems. It is a very thorough work with high requirements. The restored teeth should have the color and the surface very close to natural, they should be enduring. The clench should be correct. We try to follow all these criteria.

We also propose the root canal treatment and filling in our Clinic. That is endodontic therapy.